Monday, 1 July 2013

British Studies Program: London Baby!

London Baby (From Friends)

Let's see... the first few days here in London have been crazy, and have gone by so fast! I will try to remember some of the highlights so far.

I arrived at Heathrow on Friday (28 June) morning with the group from Chicago after a few little delays, but they were nothing compared to the nightmares some of the other students encountered.  Not much sleep, but really not a bad flight.  A couple of us took the tube from the airport to Waterloo, and then walked to our dorm to check in.  This was the longest route, but also the cheapest :)  That evening, we met in the courtyard of the dorms to take a walk around are neighborhood. We walked along the south bank of the Thames and ended up getting pizza a little restaurant on the river.  There are 17 girls in the library science program and our professor, Dr. Welsh.  They are all awesome so it has been a lot of fun getting to know everyone.

Our flight path- WE MADE IT!
 View from the front door of our dorm- looking at the imax
 South Bank of the Thames

 The National Theatre is down the block from us.
 Then we walked to Trafalgar Square. This is the National Gallery.
 Rainy Trafalgar Square being set up for London Pride.

 I love every view from Trafalgar. 
 Another view.
Walked past Big Ben on the way home. I decided to take pictures when it wasn't so rainy out. 

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