Tuesday, 2 July 2013

LondonAlive: pt. 2!

Royal Baby Watch Update:  still no baby.

The tour that I chose for Sunday was called Death, Mayhem, & Westminster.  It was a 4+ hour walk all over the city. On this tour we got to hear some of the not-so-pretty parts of London's history. Very fun and got to see a lot of cool things. My favorite story was probably of Admiral Lord Nelson who died while leading the Battle of Trafalgar.  They wanted to bring his body back to land, so they put him in a barrel of brandy until they got back. Legend has it that they still drank the brandy! We heard lots of great little stories along the way. That night, I went to dinner at a little Italian place around the corner from the dorm, across from Waterloo station. It was so good! I will probably go back at some point. Also, I am picking up some great British words and phrases! Someday I will post about the things I think of during the day but then forget by the time I get home. (Photo captions will come tomorrow because I am tired :) )

Parade route all set up for the little baby!!
Parade route- looking down at Buckingham

In the guard box
Nelson monument at Trafalgar Square

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